Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to produce new knowledge on different types of diabetes and the way they progress, the risk of getting diabetes related diseases and the benefits of using medicine with different types of diabetes. The goal is to register all diabetics in the Vaasa hospital district. At the beginning of 2019 the register had almost 7000 diabetics. There are an estimated 10000 diabetics in the district.

The study it is done in cooperation with Helsinki University, Lund University (Sweden) and Botnia project. The managers in charge are professor Leif Groop, docent Tiinamaija Tuomi and the senior physician in charge is Annemari Käräjämäki, who is also responsible for the register in the Vaasa hospital district. The study has the authorization of the ethical committee.  


3/22/2019 Primärvårdsenheten1